The following research topics are the thesis research our MGIS students have or are undertaking with their supervisors:


Gavin Bare. TBC
Supervisors: Mairead de Roiste, Ioannis Delikostidis, and Deb Maxwell

Andrew Cunningham. How can information from crowdsourcing be applied by New Zealand disaster response organisations?
Supervisors: Matthew Hughes and Mairead de Roiste

Emir Hatato. Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) for Disaster Management: A Case Study for Floods in Jakarta
Supervisors: Ioannis Delikostidis and Mairead de Roiste

Andrew Douglas-Clifford. Gaining Insights into Public Transport Passenger Satisfaction using Crowdsourced Information
Supervisors: Mairead de Roiste and Angela Curl

Rory McPherson. A Usability Comparison of Canvas, Topographic and Street Base Maps.
Supervisors: Mairead de Roiste and Ioannis Delikostidis


2014: Andrew Clouston. Using volunteered geographic information in government managed fundamental geospatial datasets – a focus on the New Zealand cadastre.
Supervisors: Mairead de Roiste and Femke Reitsma

2015: Jeremy Severinsen. Finding the Quality in Quantity - Establishing Trust for Volunteered Geographic Information.
Supervisors: Femke Reitsma and Mairead de Roiste

2015: Richard Law. Waiting and Weighting: Public Transport Model Sensitivity to Waiting Time and Schedule Deviation.
Supervisors: Mairead de Roiste and Toby Daglish

2015: Stuart Easton. Irrigation and Ecosystem Services: Development of an irrigation model for hte LUCI ecosystem services framework.
Supervisors: Bethanna Jackson and Mairead de Roiste



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